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Telegram For Android

Download Telegram for Android system. A fast speed, more importantly, strong security. Strong privacy. Telegram instant messaging program, it is similar to Viber, WhatsApp, LINE and other programs...

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Telegram For Iphone IOS

Telegram Chinese version is an instant messaging that focuses on speed and security, Telegram Chinese version supports group chat with up to 200 contacts, emphasizes security and offers generous multimedia support...

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Telegram For window PC

Telegram for Desktop is an application for Windows systems. It allows you to chat and make video calls with your friends who also use this instant messaging service in an easy and convenient way on your computer...

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Telegram For MacOS Apple

Telegram for Mac is a speed-focused messaging application that is fast, easy to use and free. It is fast, easy to use and free.Telegram for Mac is based on the MTProto protocol. With Telegram for Mac you can choose...

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